Zander beehive

We produce Zander beehives for our clients all over the world.

We offer the beehives non-painted and painted according to your needs.

Our Zander beehives consist of:

  • Connector.

    Floor that is made out of 20mm thick softwood planks. Withdrawable plywood plate and stainless-steel mesh are integrated in the floor for easier beehive’s cleaning.

  • Connector.

    Three beehive bodies that are made out of 20mm thick planks. Parts are glued and screwed together. Every beehive body has comfortable and durable handles. The bodies are designed for 10 frames.

  • Connector.

    Flat roof that is made from wooden structure with 0.5mm tinplate. Beehive dimensions – 52x42x82cm.

Our beekeeping inventory is certified according to EU standards.For more information feel free to contact us!