The best wooden beehives in Latvia

For several years now, we have been offering high-quality wooden hives in both the Latvian and international markets. Beginners as professionals in beekeeping appreciate our beehive quality that are made from Latvia's most common natural resource - wood.

Why choose us?

Wide offer

We manufacture Latvian-design beehives. We also produce hives according to different needs.

Highest quality

Our beekeeping inventory is certified according to EU standards.


We produce different beehive’ parts that can be bought separately.

Our offer

What others think about us?

Thank you very much for your professional work! Also very grateful for the responsiveness and ability to deal with issues. Excellent service, I recommend.

Katrīna Dambe Beekeeper

Communication, Speed, Quality! I recommend it because you work responsibly and professionally! Thank you.

Māris Ārietis Client

Great team and offer! High-quality bee hives and parts, as well as friendly support in the installation of hives and the opportunity to learn something new, thank you!

Aivars Bate Beekeeper

    Combining the traditions cultivated in our country and
    a modern approach, the highest quality wooden hives in Latvia have been created.

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