Our Story

Our place has deep roots in beekeeping. The beginning of beekeeping traditions can be traced back several centuries, when Bloomhill wasn’t on the maps or guides. At that time, we found beehives in nature or made our own.

For many decades the name “Bloomhill” embodies the surounding beauty that was experienced by our family beekeepers’ and can be still felt nowadays. Therefore we believe that in our production we have to use what Latvia’s rich and beautiful nature can offer.

Highest quality

Our beekeeping inventory is certified according to EU standards.


We produce different beehive’ parts that can be bought separately.

Different types

We manufacture Latvian-design beehives. We also produce hives according to different needs.

Friendly Team

Our friendly team will help you choose the best solution, as well as give you tips for successful operation!

Order your bee hive today!

By combining centuries-old traditions and modern approach we have produced highest qualty wooden beehives in Latvia, which are produced from the most ecological and most common natural resource in Latvia - wood.

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